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Vehicle Insurance Products

Underwritten by Bidvest Insurance, Autohaus Plus offers premium vehicle insurance products that are designed to protect your motoring future. View our selection of insurance options below and discover the specific solution that you are searching for. Please note, further details are available within the brochures for each product.

Autohaus Plus

Shortfall Protection

With comprehensive vehicle insurance in place, you will be fully covered in the event of your vehicle being written off or stolen, right? Unfortunately, no! Should your car be stolen or worse, written off in an accident, your insurance payout is unlikely to cover what you still owe to the bank that financed your vehicle, leaving you in a worse financial position. Thankfully Autohaus Plus: Shortfall Protection goes above and beyond to offer your premium cover.

Product highlights:

  • Protection Against Debt
  • Excess Cover
  • Loyalty Bonus
  • Unspecified Accessories Cover
  • Instalment Protection

Deposit Protector

There is nothing worse than losing money, especially when it comes to something precious like a deposit you have so carefully saved for, to buy the new car you have worked so hard for. In the event that your car is stolen or written off tomorrow, how much of your deposit will you get back? You will not receive the full deposit back. With Deposit Protector from Autohaus Plus, you don’t have to worry about losing your money.

Product highlights

  • Your deposit is safe.
  • R10 000 loyalty bonus to add to your deposit
  • Instalment protection to ensure you have no extra costs
  • Gets you back on the road a lot sooner


It’s the end of the day, you’re driving home thinking about everything you still have to do... and then you hit a pothole. You just know that your car has been damaged, and you get out to see that your tyre has burst. The inconvenience is huge, but the bill might be even bigger. With Autohaus Plus: Tyreguard, your wheels can be looked after no matter what happens.

Product highlights

  • All tyres and rims fitted are covered
  • 2-year/unlimited kilometres cover
  • Replacement tyres also covered
  • Unlimited puncture repairs
  • Wheel alignment included with tyre replacement claims
  • Wheel balancing is included with each claim

Mechanical Warranty

As you’re making your way towards your much-needed getaway with your family, your car’s engine finally stalls, and the engine rattles and bangs. This is unsettling!

On top of that, your factory motor plan just reached its mileage limit. Besides the towing of your car, you will still have to pay for a car rental to save the holiday! However, if you have Autohaus Plus: Mechanical Warranty, this would be nothing more than a minor hiccup during your glorious family holiday.

Product highlights:

  • Cover for mechanical and electrical breakdown
  • Includes the cost of labour
  • Failure from wear and tear included for covered components
  • 1 or 2-year options
  • Instalment payment protection
  • 24hr emergency medical and roadside assistance
  • Car hire up to 5 days

Theftbuster Key Care

According to the statistics in South Africa, 45 cars are hijacked every day on average. That’s one every 32 minutes! Cars are stolen approximately every four minutes. What if your vehicle was next to be targeted? Choose Autohaus Plus: Theftbuster Key Care for total peace of mind.

Product highlights:

  • Provides cover for multiple minor damages caused during a smash and grab
  • Includes cover for multiple items frequently found in your vehicle such as personal documents, keys, electronic devices, remotes and handbags
  • If your vehicle is stolen, we will provide up to R15 000 towards your underlying insurance excess
  • R10 000 loyalty bonus towards a new vehicle if your vehicle is stolen
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